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Title: Re: Automation #017
Post by ggn on 22.04.12 at 10:30:55
Magnetic Tank

MOAR 8-bit ports!!!!

After 2D platform 8-bit game ports, we now present... Pseudo-isometric 3D platform games! Okay, the graphics and sound are nothing to write home about, but the game itself is interesting.

Your sprite can move around the screens which are connected with doors. Some of the doors are locked, and have a symbol above - you need to locate that symbol elsewhere around the screen and shoot it for the door to unlock. Now, there are platforms that are above the ground that the tank can't reach or is obstructed by them. To overcome this, you have to maneuver to some points at the map where the tank can lift itself higher and then steer to the platform you want. Some of them are tricky enough to try a few times as you have to steer with precision. There are also some tiles that act as an elevator. To add more challenge there's a clock ticking (in the form of tank energy of course).

I never managed to make much progress with this game, partly because you can die very easily (there are some vertical beams that if you touch, bzzzzzt instantly). Also, you can get trapped easily enough between tiles if you fall down by acciden, so you have to restart the game. Another irritating part is reaching a part of the map where you can't get out and can only go around in circles because you didn't open a door previously. So, building a map becomes essential, and since I never could be arsed to do that, I'll probably never play this game to the end.

Still, I keep trying from time to time :).
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