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Message started by ggn on 21.08.12 at 20:35:21

Title: Automation #122
Post by ggn on 21.08.12 at 20:35:21

Winter Olympiad by Tynesoft, Crack by Ozzwald

Bloodwych by Mirrorsoft, Crack by Ozzwald

Title: Re: Automation #122
Post by simonsunnyboy on 08.09.12 at 08:33:41
Winter Olympiade is a snowy sports game in the typical Winter Games fashion. The player participates in various events like skiing, ski jump and biathlon and tries to win a medal in comparison to his mates.

I am personally anything but a fan of sports games in this fashion. Graphics are low budget style but fit, music is awful and sound effects are sparse. COntrols are pretty sticky.

Maybe someone with a pashion for sports games can review this better?

PS: The old copy of A122 on the LGD CDROM seems to have corrupt graphics in the biathlon event. Is this a another case of duff copy or a known problem?
grab0004_001.png ( 19 KB | Downloads )
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Title: Re: Automation #122
Post by simonsunnyboy on 08.09.12 at 08:34:05
(Another screenshot)
grab0009.png ( 97 KB | Downloads )

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