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Message started by ggn on 21.08.12 at 20:36:07

Title: Re: Automation #124
Post by simonsunnyboy on 08.09.12 at 08:58:57
Ahhh, Indiana Jones - I always had a soft spot for all of the movies (and i am awaiting part 5 these days)

This game is one of 2 Indy adaptions of the third movie available on the Atari ST. This is an action adventure game. The player guides Indy through several scenarios all taken from the movie, beginning with the Utah caves to discover the Cross of Coronado.

Graphics are nicely drawn, the Indy theme music is rather well adapted to the YM and the game offers variety. It plays a bit of Rick Dangerous style first. Controls are a bit sticky at the first moment and take some time to adapt. You have to plan ahead which joystick moves to use, otherwise you can move around the screen rather well.

Weak spots are the small playing screen and the high difficulty.

Yet I personally play this from time to time, i think it is better than it feels at first sight.

The original crack version seems to have problems with 4MB and STE.
grab0004_002.png ( 79 KB | Downloads )
grab0005_002.png ( 62 KB | Downloads )

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