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Message started by ggn on 21.08.12 at 20:36:25

Title: Automation #125
Post by ggn on 21.08.12 at 20:36:25

Lombard RAC Rally by Mandarin, Crack by Sharaz Jek

Bubble Trouble by Poffel, Crack by Sharaz Jek

Title: Re: Automation #125
Post by simonsunnyboy on 08.09.12 at 09:08:22
Lombard Rally is a racing game with a different touch. There are hardly opponents to see, the track goes up and down.

Graphics are well drawn, there is noisy digi music and effects during the intro while ingame the game reverts to plain YM sounds.

The visible part of the screen is small and most of the times you cannot react quickly to sharp bends if those appear after a hill. This hinders playability.

Not my cup of tea, sorry :(
grab0007_002.png ( 73 KB | Downloads )

Title: Re: Automation #125
Post by official ninja on 12.09.12 at 13:03:26
Hey! The driver in that screenshot is on the wrong side of the car !!!!111  :D

Title: Re: Automation #125
Post by MitchFrenzal on 28.11.12 at 16:23:05
Just for the record, Klazzy did a brilliant version of this, Go check that out. :)

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