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Message started by ggn on 28.11.12 at 16:56:26

Title: Re: Automation #129
Post by MitchFrenzal on 09.12.12 at 17:03:03
Gemini Wing

This was an interesting one, Kind of a reverse of the Sidewinder review. I remember this being awful. I was wrong, Other than the fact there's not enough powerups/bombs on the later levels. Gemini Wing is a delight. 1 or 2 players, Beautiful music, Bosses that don't take half-an-hour to kill
It all makes for a very entertaining shooter, The big letdown is the scoring system, one of the powerups gives you 100,000 and another 50,000, Seeing how you would score less than that for doing the first two levels. It totally wrecks the scoring system. Give it a try, But don't bulid a highscore saver. :)

Gemini_Wing.bmp ( 1960 KB | Downloads )

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