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Message started by ggn on 02.01.14 at 18:06:09

Title: Re: Automation #145
Post by spkr on 22.02.15 at 18:22:08

The opening screen suggest some Atari 8 bit graphics. The actual game is somewhat better, but indeed, much like Atari 8 bit graphics.

The game itself is a Boulder Dash (or Unhearted :)) clone. Within a certain amount of time, solve the puzzle of grabbing all the diamonds/gems without getting locked in or getting a stone on the head.

The sound effects of the game are rather basic, and there is no music available. Its a nice puzzle game if you're into these things.
auto145_00002.bmp ( 1351 KB | Downloads )
auto145_00003.bmp ( 1351 KB | Downloads )

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