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Message started by ggn on 11.01.14 at 11:56:15

Title: Re: Automation #147
Post by spkr on 25.02.15 at 18:04:07
Altered Beast

This is an arcade game which I could not figure out how to advance. For some reason it starts a 2 player game for me, and since the 2nd player does not want to move, I could not progress the game.

Your fighter knows a few limiting moves, including lying on the ground and sticking up a leg. You can upgrade your moves by some power ups which allow you to add some fire (?) to your punches, which I assume deal more damage.

The game features both sound and effects at the same time and even has some digitized sounds like speech. It seems like a fun game, but I didnt get too far. If you're into this stuff, perhaps double dragon or a similar game is a better choice.

auto147_00003.bmp ( 1351 KB | Downloads )

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