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Message started by ggn on 22.02.15 at 22:43:44

Title: Automation #150
Post by ggn on 22.02.15 at 22:43:44

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Title: Re: Automation #150
Post by spkr on 01.03.15 at 09:10:44

Man, this brings back memories. If you do not know this game, then you should immediately download this and play it. For those that dont; you are the paperboy, the guy on a bike with a bunch of papers. In your street, there are 2 kinds of houses, those that are subscribers, and those that dont. You have to make sure that the subscribers are sure to get their favourite newspapers.

With all the other papers, you can be the master of disaster, the lord of mischief. Use them to knock over tombstones or throw them into someones face, break some windows, you name it. Of course you have to avoid obstacles like cars passing over crossroads and dogs that run after you.

Once you get through the delivery day, you end up at a practice range where you can use your last papers to score some bonus points, and move on to the next day. Every day there is an overview of your customers; and the game either ends when you're out of lives or out of customers.

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