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Automation #010 (Read 927 times)
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Automation #010
18.04.12 at 16:23:38
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Black lamp

In this 2D platformer you play the role of a jester who, for some reason, got suckered into finding and returning 9 differently coloured lamps scattered around the land. It's mostly a flip-screen affair with a few exceptions where you go outdoors and get a scrolling background. In each screen a enemies spawn around randomly to provide a challenge, and the jester has a weird thing that emits small bullets to counter the attacks. The end of level baddie, which guards the black lamp is a huge dragon spitting fire at you until you kill it dead.

The graphics are very nice and detailed, with a lot of animation frames, in-game sound is reduced to some sound effects which do their job. Gameplay is a bit on the slow side because of the game's pace and it needs getting used to at first, but once you get past that you're finding yourself enjoying this pretty game.

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