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Automation #148 (Read 942 times)
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Automation #148
11.01.14 at 11:57:29
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The Games - Summer Edition by US Gold, Crack by Ozzwald

Bio Challenge by Delphine, Crack by Ozzwald

Anco by Jump Jet, Crack by Ozzwald
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Re: Automation #148
Reply #1 - 01.03.15 at 07:55:50
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Bio Challenge

This game has really nice graphics on the intro; together with a nice context what your goal is; survival! Even tho I am not a big fan of platformers, this game seems interesting. Initially you are not able to shoot, and have to rely on level parts that can be broken down to kill your enemies.

The levels are non-lineair, in the sense that you are able to warp back to the start, and it contains some form of portals that allow you to switch between different planes of the level. Your guy has an energy level, and special moves (including jumping) use this energy; of course when the energy is gone you're dead.

The game is quite merciless, because even if you reach the first boss; when you lose you have to redo the whole level.
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