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4/5/6 differences

From the creator of Red- comes this one of a kind batch of games.

"But surely", one might wonder, "hasn't the 'spot the differences' genre not only isn't unique, but it's been done to the death?". Well...

First thing that strikes anyone playing these games are the themes of the pictures chosen. Most of the times they're urban photos - freeways, buildings, parks, dark alleys... the common factor is that they're usually unpopulated, deserted, abandoned, whatever. Or if there are people about, they're shown as silhouettes. The photos have been touched up, either messing up with the lighting or adding some common post signs etc. About half the times there's animation in there, people wandering around, cars only shown as headlights, giraffes crossing train stops (?), clouds moving, peoples' silhouettes being painted with random lines and levitating (?), neon signs flickering... The music (or well I should say "drones" that could pass as music) compliment those weird levels, adding a touch of tranquility (perhaps to soothe your frustration) and setting the mood brilliantly.

In a few words, it's mesmerizing.

I didn't mention anything about the games yet. They're all pretty hard with most of the levels having you end up clicking randomly inside the screen. But, frustrating as this is, I always wanted to see the rest of the games, so I pressed on. Sometimes to find all the differences you have to find the first 3-4 and then something happens on screen (for example a car passes by) which changes some things on one panel, creating a difference.

I'm not sure if I made a good case in favour of those games, but I did like them and I'd recommend those to anyone, especially if they're feeling mellow. 4 differences, 5 differences, 6 differences.

P.S. I've played these games in the past, but before I started this mostly personal bookmarks collection which is this site. So I neglected to mention them for so long. Today I played a game called Evoke which is quite similar to these three games. Worth mentioning here I guess!


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