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After years in dark tunnels

Not a cheery title, is it? Well, the game is very dark, so this simply sets the mood.

The plot says that a ship crashed on a planet and that you must search for parts to fix the ship and set up a beacon so someone will spot you. Yet another platformer with exploration elements then. It does start innocent enough with the character in the surface of the planet. As you start exploring, soon enough you get into the tunnels, where the lights dim out pretty quick and the flashlight kicks in. Right then you start noticing the eerie background track (obviously because before this your mind is occupied by watching the gfx and the map). After this you'll probably encounter one of the crew's dead bodies, and a description of the unlucky person will hover above the character's head. Later you find some ship parts and some personal items from the deceased. Bringing the later to the right persons will make their ghosts more at peace.

As if the above weren't enough to creep people out, there's another feature (which seems like it's lifted from the amazing Amnesia: The dark descent): if you don't progress quick enough, or fall into some dark watery/muddy areas, you begin to lose hope. The background track becomes a heartbeat. You then can either keep going, commit suicide or pray: the last option brings up some hopeful sentences on screen, and by picking them up the character gets his hopes up again, so the music starts playing again (great choice, some would say, either a heartbeat or eerie track :)).

Depending on a few decisions, there are 5 possible endings. I'm really not a fan of multiple endings and I can't say for sure if I'll pursuit all of them, I'll see how it goes.

In my opinion, this game is executed very nice: I really felt claustrophobic and had a feeling of urgency while playing. However there were a few things that I didn't like, for example, the y dister of the sentences that come up while you pray is, well, crap. Also, it's quite confusing trying to remember crew names and the items they require, so it's soon getting very confusing. Not forgetting the multiple endings I mentioned above, which to me is just a gimmick excuse to add replayability to a game. Hey, if I want to play a game again, I just will; I don't need the game to force this upon me. Other than that, the game runs pretty slick on my craptop, which is a rare thing - most of the games I try run in slow-o-vision and kind of ruin the experience for me.

So, not exactly a recommendation (unless you like the atmosphere I described above), but definitely not bad.


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