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Atum explores something pretty much everyone that played games wanted to do one time or another: physically interact with the game!

Of course without spending a ton of money on cutting edge technology (and of course without any guarantee that it'll work properly) this is something impossible to achieve for anyone except top gaming studios, so the developers thought of something different: have the game which you interact inside a 3D engine. So the game starts by the virtual player (which you control) sitting down on his desk to play a seemingly old styled platformer. The movement is passed to you, and soon enough the character in the game-inside-a-game comes across an obstacle (he can't see). So what you have to do is have the guy pick up his lighter and move it close to the monitor in the area that's pitch dark to light it up!

It's an interesting combination of platformer and puzzler which kept me interested for a while :).


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