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Battle Squadron One

I regard the original version of this game to be possibly the best shooter made during the 16-bit era, way ahead of Xenon II, Blood Money, and all the other 'wannabe' blasters of the time.  So when this hit the Android marketplace I had to get it, but it was with a bit of fear that this classic would become mashed up into unplayable pulp with the touch controls.

I need not have feared. The controls are crisp and smooth (I completed 80% destruction of the Barrax Empire on my first go!).  The music, graphics and presentation are, if anything, better than the Amiga original version.  With the added goodness of achievements via OpenFeint you can't go wrong.

You alone must defeat the evil Barrax Empire using a variety of weapons, each with several levels of devastation. You also have 'smart bombs' that can destroy anything near you when activated. One thing I love about this port is that, unlike the original, you can fire a smart bomb off whenever you like and don't have to pull off the stupid 'joystick waggle and die' maneuver of the Amiga version.

Grab it TODAY, you won't be disappointed.


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