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And here's what both previous games are lacking: more smooth movement. Here the sprite is tiny (smaller than the mouse cursor), and moves much smoother around the screen. Plus there's a trail of particles behind it while it moves, making it look very nice, and some parallax scroll, making it look even better.

The gameplay is very simple, just get to the other side of the level (top or bottom) and collect stuff along the way, avoiding hazards. Oh yeah, there's double jump in there. Or, better, multi-jump. Well, there's limited jump power, but you can jump a lot of times around the screen. This ruined it a bit for me, because in essence I could fly around the screen at will. But anyway, it's challenging enough still.

Before I forget, the musics reminded me of Mad Max's, especially one's bass tune seemed like an outtake from Ghost Battle :)

Anyway, jump to it!


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