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Escape goat

I'm pretty sure that if anyone cares to read this blog might get the false impression that I like platform games :P.

So anyway, this is what got me excited this time:

See that purple thing at the top? That's you! A purple goat! Moving around the screen, jumping around (beautiful jump curve, fits the game perfectly), double jumping, hitting switches that change the platforms (worth mentioning that this mechanism is very nicely manipulated in this game; every tile can potentially change place by hitting a switch, so the whole level can transform in front of you in 1 second), charging and hitting crates, having a tiny mouse as an accomplice (which can get to places the goat can't) with the goal of getting to each level's exit.

There's a browser version in HTML5 which is the full game ported from .NET, so you might imagine that the requirements are a bit steep (my netbook can't really keep up with the action if there's anything else than the goat moving around), but if you get smooth movement the game is Fun with a capital F. I'm almost convinced to buy the full game! The rest of you can, like me, try the browser version and see for yourselves!


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