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Frantic Frigates

Yaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr Jimlaaaaaaaaaaaad! There be lots of fun to be had with this game :)

If you ever played Microprose's Pirates!, then you should feel at home mostly as it's a toned down version of the battle sequence of that game. The cannons fire automatically, aim automatically to the nearest enemy, there's no wind to be afraid of, and there's the mandatory powerup system where you can upgrade your ship and its abilities.

An interesting design choice (at least for nowdays) is that the game actually has lives. So no checkpoints, rewinding time, infinite energy etc - if you lose all your lives then game over sucker, do it from the start :). I think I prefer that better than playing it to the end on the first go, it adds replaybillity (and I simply refuse to play a game again just to get medals/achievement/awards/what the hell you call it in your favorite gaming platorm).

Give it a shot, it'll get you hooked in seconds!


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