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Inishie Dungeon

Well, it's an RPG. And in Japanese. And it's in beta. But well, it's FUN! Fun small cute sprites. Fun animations (smash a few things together and see the particles fill the screen!). Fun gameplay. No bogging down with stats a lot (I never used them). Fun weapons. Fun fun fun! If it was more fun, it'd be giro day!

P.S. here's some hints (from the relevant post):

-When making a new character, click the sword box to choose a sprite.

-When you have a good sprite, click the second option from the bottom-right menu to play.

-Click on people to talk to them.

-Click on the dialog box that pops up, while over stairs, to descend.

-Click on special items that drop to pick them up.

And one from me

-The exit to the dungeons is at the top right of the map.

So, have fun!


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