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Interest 98 F

I really have no clue what's happening here. The broken English intro helped a bit, but not that much. All I know is that you are a mouse that tries to reach the top floor. You enter a maze of corridors that expand in a tree like fashion (left/right from top node). You get a coin with each corridor you pass but you can throw it in the left or right corridor to see if there's something (or someone) there. You also pick up some items that you can either consume for energy or throw at the corridors. Ummm that's about it. I've no idea if everything is happening by chance or you can kill enemies with coins or find the best route for each set of 10 floors. I just keep grinding at it for some reason.

Extra links: iOS, Android. One word of warning though, every time I ran it on my android phone, some system service would sap the battery real quick (in a matter of hours) even when I exited the app. So it's a good idea to kill the game from the task manager!



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