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Do the screenshots look glitchy? Well, that's because the game is like that. It's a 3D game, you get this low poly girl walking around the rooms, trying to find the exit (and some red orbs along the way). All the action is being watched by security cameras, hence the washed out video effects. It actually looks much better in-game (plus it covers most of the code's glitches ;)).

Thankfully even though the cameras are in fixed positions like alone in the dark, at least they rotate, tracking the character as it moves around the rooms, making it much easier to navigate. Because of the fish-eye effect of the camera though, you get some distortions and might find some turns difficult to perform. Especially when you get to some levels with narrow pathways (falling over them = instant death) it becomes frustrating. Another problem that was very apparent while I was playing was the low frame rate I got in this netbook, but that's my own tough shit I suppose! (a couple of rooms were very difficult though, and the low frame rate didn't help at all).

Anyway, I played it to the end and liked it. It's a very bare bones game, without tons of background scenario and whatnot. Instead of a big budget game which has lots of boring in-between areas you have to travel through, in this game you get straight to the juicy level bits and try to finish them. No jumping is involved, just walking around (and sometimes avoiding some enemy drones).

And that's it I suppose :)


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