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Knytt Stories

So it seems that within a deep forest was merely a warm up for Nifflas. In Knytt stories he took all good points of WADF and refined them to perfection.

Knytt stories is addictive like crack cocaine. Everything visual and audio is so nice, it really makes you immerse inside the universe of the game and get inside the character. As with WADF, the flip screen nature of the game gives Nifflas the opportunity to create a very challenging map, with different puzzles/actions in each screen to give variety. Also, because of the flip screen, he can change areas (and tileset themes and music themes) with ease. That's another thing I forgot to mention in WADF incidentally: the different areas make the game varied and keeps interest.

I could be writing for much longer, but I think I'll stop now. Try it out!


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