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It's got the same typeface as Loom's Logo! But that's where the similarities between the two games end. Looming is a 2D exploration game, and if you take a look at the screenshot you'll notice that the graphics are in dithered black and white mode. This makes up for some interesting visuals.

The game sets you around a map and doesn't tell you anything much apart from the controls, which are minimal (movement keys, X and C). After that you're on your own. What it boils down to is a trip to find several items and solve a couple of puzzles, including one that's based around a traditional treasure hunting (you must find the hint to go to the next one till you find the last one). There's no real challenge in it or any sense of danger, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the art and scenario.

(dunno if I recommend this or not, I just post this as a bookmark for me :))


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