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Money thief

Bit of old news now, but another Ludum dare has come and gone. For those unfamiliar with it, it's an online compo to create games within 48 hours, with the rules being published exactly at the start of the countdown! This one (#18) had the theme set to "using your enemies as weapons" which, quite predictably, produced a lot of games which the enemies attract to the main character and get killed on impact and so on. In any case, here's my pick from some of the entries, starting with this.

On the surface it's a simple run'n'jump flip-screen platformer, but what makes it stand out is that you run around, picking people's pockets. Up till you do that, the people don't move. Upon nicking their moneys, one by one start running towards you to catch you! So you have to employ strategy before you start nicking wallets! There's also a trashcan on some levels, touching that will make you invisible until you start nicking again!

Fun idea, nicely executed :)


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