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Mother robot

Another Ludum dare came and went. Theme this time was: Discovery. I took a look at some of the online games today (from the top 20 entries, not enough time to check out everything!) and I'll look at some offline stuff tomorrow.

Anyway, off we go with a real fresh and brilliant concept! It's a platform game!!!!!!!

But wait, there's more!

You are this lovely pixelly robot that jumps around some dungeon or something. Only, you can't walk where there's no light, you then explode. You have a beam that you can rotate around yourself. If this touches another light source, then a disc of light instantly surrounds you. There are unlit and lit sources, and you can touch either of them for some light. The goal is to move from one light source to the next (which is unlit). When you touch an unlit source, it becomes a checkpoint, and occasionally you get another robot. What happens then is that you can control both robots and in addition with the robot's beam touching a light source, having a robot's beam touch another robot that's currently lit generates light as well. Oh yeah, only the original robot (or mother robot, geddit?) can activate a light source, which makes for some very devious level design.

....eeerrrr right that must read dead confusing (and some dirtier minds should have even worse thoughts right now :)). It's a really awesome concept though, fits right with the compo's theme, and you should really try it out because it rules!


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