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Nanaca crash

There was once a teenage biker girl who was madly in love with a guy. The guy obviously cheated on her, so she decided to take revenge. So she waited until the right moment (in this case, a sunny spring morning), and when she saw him in front of her, she sped up her bike, took aim and BOEM! The guy went flying into the air!

Farther and farther away! And then gravity (and friction) overcame the initial force of the crash, so he started descending down into the earth. A couple of times he hit the pavement and bounced back up (because errr he was made of rubber? I'm improvising, so gimme a break will ya? :)). But since this was a crowded street, eventually he bumped into a few people.

Guys (like him) usually decreased his horizontal speed but gave him height. A couple of girls would just slow him down. But most of the girls possess Dragonball like powers and give him a tremendous speed and height boost! And if that isn't enough, the bike girl can teleport in midair at (the player's) will and give him another beating! Oh, and finally some of the girls have ultra-super-extra-Dragonball powers that give him an even bigger boost!

Eventually, the guy drops horizontal speed and bounce back height, and either clings on some bystander or falls off the screen!

Now then, if you think there's a game into this somewhere you can click and try it out yourself :)


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