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The Cactus games

More whatnots coming up! All coming from a single Swede going by the nickname Cactus. After trying a few of his games, I can easily say that I'm a big fan of his stuff - personal favorites so far are:

  • Xoldiers (very cute shoot'em'up - written with another favorite of mine, Terry Cavanagh)
  • Mondo agency (presenting some puzzles requiring out-of-the-box thinking using a glitchy FPS engine. Actually there's a lot I could say here about the cleverness of adding noise/more glitches to a buggy engine to hide the fact that it's imperfect -at least that's what I think-, but I'll leave it for people that write indie game blogs write about it! Also, the scenario is absolutely mad! I love the b0rken english!
  • Mondo medicals (the prequel to Mondo agency, every bit as good)

Check out his webpage - lots of cool stuff inside!

P.S. Look out for his forthcoming game "Tuning" - I saw some vids so far and it looks absolutely brilliant! (plus it won him some indie game award - well deserved :))


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