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Hooray, yet another tiny sized game from Nitrome (after Gunbrick and J-J-Jump). This time it's a turn-based game and looks like this:

At first I thought it was a pure turn-based RPG, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it is more of a puzzler than  RPG. Your character (the red helmet thinghy above) moves around the screen and the enemies follow their own patterns. The key to winning the battle is attacking the enemies first and not giving them the chance to attack, otherwise you die and end up at the latest spawn point.

Talking about spawn points, each level is split up in many smaller and independent parts, so you don't have to finish a whole level (or the whole game) in one sitting, making it ideal for 1-2 minute breaks between doing other stuff. The graphics follow the same formula as the other two games, that is simple and distinguishable characters and tiles with vibrant colours. Apart from the last level that proved a real bitch, the rest of the game can be completed in about 1 hour which is just fine!

Here's hoping that Nitrome keeps this line of games up!

You're welcome to try it out :).


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