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Underworld trip

So you have this highly pixellated guy, he travels a (horizontal) level full of obstacles that can chop him up in numerous ways. Then, when he manages it, he goes into a room where a guy sits in a desk (different head every level). He then gets down on his knees and starts praying (while on the background people chant). Unimpressed, the boss/underworld god/<insert random sadist> pushes a button on his desk and a trapdoor opens (well I can't tell due to the pixellation, for all I know he MAKES IT SO with his WILL POWA). The poor guy plunges to another level and then the same thing happens.

Why so cruel there boss/underworld god/<insert random sadist>??? WHY??

I wish I knew Japanese so I could explain this - it would save me writing up goofy explanations like these :P.



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