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Wrath of Annubis 2

In lieu of a review, here's a few things that crossed my mind while playing:

  • "Hmm, either I'll mute the music or I'm seriously going to hurt someone!"
  • "Hey, this reminds me of Gold of the Aztecs! With shrunk sprites! And stuff move quicker!"
  • "It's a bit jerky."
  • "Wall jumping seems very crap."
  • "So, navigate to switch, push it, hurry to the exit, collect treasures."
  • "Lots of levels in there. But you can play them in any order. Just like crystal caves!"
  • "It's challenging"
  • "Argh! The music!"
  • "Can anyone port crystal caves or do I have to do it myself?"
  • "The jerky movement/frame skipping kinda ruins it for me"
  • "Well, it's still fun"


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