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Just saying "hi"! (Read 453 times)


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Just saying "hi"!
28.02.11 at 09:25:56
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"Hi". Smiley

I thought I'd join this forum and see what's going on.
First off, keep up the good work with the patches. I think it's important to keep the old stuff preserved, as there's some real gems in there (you just did Laser Squad - proves my point, really).

I'll come clean, though - I'm primarily an Amiga man, so try not to hate me! In fact, it was when I got given a box of original ST game disks that I went looking for a WHDLoad equivalent and found this website.

On the plus side, I do have several (tens of) Atari 2600s, a 2800, a 5200, a 7800, a few 800XLs, and an XEGS. And, of course, a 520STfm (doesn't everyone?). And a 1040STfm. And a 520ST (yes, the one with no disk drive, from 1984. Early serial # too). And a very nice Falcon with a 2GB internal disk (I bought hddriver for it).

Hopefully the fact that my Atari collection is larger than my Amiga collection redeems me somewhat. Smiley

Right, that's been said - as I mentioned earlier, though, keep up the good work. I don't imagine there's very much I can do to help, but maybe I'll take a gander anyway (I'm a coder). Who knows, maybe I can make a patch of my own - but don't hold your breath, I'm quite busy Smiley

Bye for now!

Ian Gledhill
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