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Automation #001 (Read 1612 times)
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Automation #001
13.04.12 at 09:03:32
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This one screams of "8-bit!" in every aspect: slightly chunky graphics (take a look at the oxygen bar, really looks like a small graphic from, say, the CPC zoomed in a bit to cover some empty space on the ST's bigger resolution), really weird palette, small window of actual game... I could go on for ages. But the game isn't that bad really.

The game itself is a sideways platform with shooting elements. But instead of bullets, you get a grappling hook so you can only kill enemies at a small distance. If you manage to stay alive you get powerups, such as a bigger hook etc. The game takes a fair bit to master as the character has inertia, so it requires a bit of strategy to perform jumps because you might jump on to an enemy. Speaking of the enemies, they spawn randomly, which gets frustrating as it can get you to impossible situations. I found myself playing it rather often back in the day, so that's definitely a good thing Smiley.

And I guess that wraps up menu 001. Go get it!
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