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Automation #128 (Read 1547 times)
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Automation #128
08.09.12 at 10:08:16
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Times of Lore by Origin, Crack by Neil

Dark Side by Microprose, Crack by Neil

Overlord by PD, Crack by N/A
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Re: Automation #128
Reply #1 - 16.12.12 at 18:20:07
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Times Of Lore

Finally, I get the manual for this, And was it worth it? Probably not. This is set in the Ultima world (between 5 and 6, I hear.) And it's an action-ish top-down RPG. The trouble with it is that the spacebar menu (to control all the talk/take/and other commands) is too bloody fiddly to do anything quickly. Monsters appear at random, Even when you're standing still. And forgetting to speak to someone can leave you questless and stuck, Other than that, There's some good exploring to be done. With plenty of big old dungeons to delve into. Not really my thing, But I can see the attraction.
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