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Automation #131 (Read 1651 times)
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Automation #131
29.11.12 at 21:53:17
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Summer Olympiad by Tynesoft, Crack by Vapour

Passing Shot by Image Works, Crack by Neil
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Re: Automation #131
Reply #1 - 29.05.13 at 12:18:48
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Passing Shot is a tennis game by SEGA. Quality for ST standards is ok, the framerate is 2 VBLs most and graphics are quite nicely drawn. Audio is normal YM sound effects and musics, noting special but not to annoying either.

The game switches between perspectives, depending if the ball is served or in play. Scrolling is smooth enough for ST standards, full control over the ball is somewhat difficult. Maybe it needs a manual or practice or both.

A game I wouldn't have bought but probably played a bit if I had a copy back then.

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