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Automation #142 (Read 902 times)
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Automation #142
16.06.13 at 16:42:15
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Moebius by Origin, Crack by Sharaz Jek

Night Dawn by Magic Bytes, Crack by Andy The Arfling

Sub Battle Simulator by Epyx, Crack by Sharaz Jek
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Re: Automation #142
Reply #1 - 06.01.14 at 10:20:43
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Moebius is a role play game. Graphics partially look good but the sound is entirely unworthy, even of the YM. It seems like a 1:1 adaption of a PC beeper torture.

Night dawn gives graphics garbage for me, it might be due to an STE config or Hatari I couldn't check it further.

Sub Battle Simulator is a submarine simulation, running in medium resolution. I couldn't figure out the controls, it looks pretty much mouse controlled and feels at times like a port from an early Mac game. Sound is entirely uninteresting. I personally prefer the more playable but cruder looking "Silent Service".
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