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Innuendos aside, I loved this game after playing it for 30 seconds! One-button type game, you simply press X to reverse your character's gravity while he's running. Brilliant :)

Infectonator! World

Travel around the world, meet exotic people and turn them into bloodthirsty zombies! With powerups available and lots of extra zombies to use, I've spent quite a big chunk of time playing this :)


The bulls have escaped! You have one minute to DESTROY CAPITALISM!

A really simple game that is very fun to play. Achieving bull rage is worth it - tear those buildings down :)

Try it out here

Give up robot 2

Sequels suck, don't they?

Gfx seem spiced up, more fx, more story, but hey, it's the same grappling hook fun as the first one, even some new features (like dragging missiles with the hook to designated areas so they explode!), so dig in!

Submachine (series)

What better way to end a stressful day of hd/030 patching than a hard puzzle game? :P

I just learnt today that the 6th installment is out, and played it. As usual, it's full of logical puzzles with little or no hints, so you have to figure most of them by yourself. Interesting storyline too (it's not needed to enjoy the games, but it gives them coherence).

I hope I didn't intimidate you enough not to try it! The basement, The lighthouse, The loop, The lab, The root, FLF, Zero, The edge, The core, The plan, The temple and the last in the series: The exit.


The sequel to platform. Excellent presentation, although much easier than platform itself. Requires registration after level 25.

If anything else, I think it's worth a try! Click here to do so.


Love this! Very nice graphic style and the fact that you're constantly under pressure keeps you on your toes! One-button mechanics at its finest!


Time fcuk

Very neat platformer, it adds a few innovations to the standard run'n'jump genre. Each screen (no scrolling) is about guiding the little guy to the exit, but each screen has 2 (or more) layers, so it's not so straightforward (or impossible) as it first seems! Yep, Valve's Portal influenced the platformers positively :)

Play it here

Don't look back

Pretty simple pixelated action/shooter again, 2nd half of the game justifies the title. And all around there's great atmosphere. The soundtrack reminds me of Braid's a lot, which is a good thing! Me likes :)

Play it

Below the house

A game made by Auntie Pixelante him(her?)self, during a Ludum dare (i.e. make a game in 48 hours straight). Cute idea, again I like the way the game's manual and story is embedded in the game background :)

Get it here

Star guard

Found this on Auntie Pixelante's nice site about game design:

Grab it from here. A no-frills shooter/platform that somehow sucks you in. Love the story as it appears as a part of the background gfx as you progress further into the game :)

Small worlds

I thought I'd copy the text of the first game I reviewed on the D-Bug forum, just to set the mood here as well:

From time to time I play some games from various sites that I like a lot. So I just thought I'd put up a page as a marker for those games!

Starting with one I saw today, Small worlds. Proof that a good concept can do wonders to a game! At first it looks like a quite blocky noisy platform game, but as you move it gets beautiful!

Play it here