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Specter Spelunker shrinks

Ever had a panic attack concerning scale when you were younger (or maybe older)? Did you imagine you were too small while the world around you was huge? Or that you were a giant? Did you ever try to figure out infinity in size?

That's the idea behind this game: your character can change size at any given time, so you can overcome hurdles. Some puzzles can even be skipped with some clever resizing, while changing scale can reveal new, unseen ones. Quite brilliant I must admit.

Also, heads up for Unity - hope it knocks crappy Flash/Actionscript out of the picture in the future :). It uses far less resources than flash and it even does 3D!

Full Moon

Help the cute bunny get his midnight yummy snacks by clicking around the screen, thus interacting with the environment. I think these experimental games suit flash the most, IMHO it's not cut out for action games :)


Probably the best point'n'click adventure game of the past decade. No, really! It's all so nicely balanced, it's dreamlike! The script, the graphics, sound, puzzles... All very well thought and presented. The flashback bits that the character has when you leave it alone for a few minutes are cute. Everything in this game simply rocks! Of course you have to buy it to see most of the game, but just for the 2 screens you can check out even online, this game gets a mention here :)


Infect'em'up at its best! You have a nasty cold, and the objective is to infect more people! That'll show 'em! You just do an initial sneeze to a few poor souls and then go sit in a corner and watch the infection spread out (and you LYFAO :))

That gravity game

You are a mutated marshmallow that gets stuck in a world where gravity fields are a normal thing. Sounds pretty boring huh? I guess the screenshot gives that impression too. The game plays very nice though and the main character animation is fun. The game overall isn't that difficult, so you won't have to spend an eternity trying to finish it.

So, give it a try!

Underworld trip

So you have this highly pixellated guy, he travels a (horizontal) level full of obstacles that can chop him up in numerous ways. Then, when he manages it, he goes into a room where a guy sits in a desk (different head every level). He then gets down on his knees and starts praying (while on the background people chant). Unimpressed, the boss/underworld god/<insert random sadist> pushes a button on his desk and a trapdoor opens (well I can't tell due to the pixellation, for all I know he MAKES IT SO with his WILL POWA). The poor guy plunges to another level and then the same thing happens.

Why so cruel there boss/underworld god/<insert random sadist>??? WHY??

I wish I knew Japanese so I could explain this - it would save me writing up goofy explanations like these :P.



Look at the screenshots. Now try to imagine them animating. Now think of more twisted ways of animating them. Now add some puzzles in there. Oh hell, just click the damn link and try the demo version, it's captivating :) (plus I can't describe it or spoil the learning process for you - it's part of the fun!)

Little wheel

A little diamond, this. It's a very simple and small in size point'n'click adventure game set in a robots-only planet. A freak accident kills the power, and another one activates a single robot (after 10k years :)). So it sets off to restore power.

Very cute visuals and heartwarming music - go on, spend 10 mins of your life with it. You'll feel all the better :)

Chain of Fire

"Do you smell something burning? Like pork?"

The goal is very simple - set every living thing and tree on fire! Select one, tell him which direction to go, and watch him catch fire and get the others to burn too. Bad for your karma, but whattahell :P

Play it


Ever since I remembered Hapland and posted about it, I was trying to find another game in the same vein, but I remembered it was Japanese and it had a horror theme: the middle of the screen was occupied by a nasty huge insect and some stick figures were trying to kill it and get away with their lives. It was very difficult and, like Hapland, needed a lot of thinking and synchronization, but it was very rewarding (at least, to me!).

And look, after digging in other sites etc, I managed to discover it again \o/

Shift (series)

Another of those "facepalm Why didn't I think of it myself?" games. Shift is a very standard platformer in black and white, if you don't count a very simple and unique twist: Press the key "shift" and the level turns 180 degrees and you end up on tile you were standing, but you're flipped 180 degrees to, and have the opposite colour. This makes for some very crafty level design, where you can both shift and hit certain icons to toy with gravity. There are also some keys which change the levels' structure, making up for even more mayhem!

The theme of the game reminds of Portal (i.e. you're a guinea pig in a test lab and you're being monitored constantly and in every room), but I'm sure I played this before Portal was shipped (and in any case, don't think Narbacular Dr.... erm, Portal, wasn't influenced by other games ;)).

Nuff said, go give it a spin if you haven't already, I'm pretty sure you'll like it

Shift, Shift 2, Shift 3, Shift 4, Shift 2: Mini adventure, Shift: Freedom.


Hannah in a choppa

Someone said Choppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaah never mind, that joke's getting old :). In short: it's a monochrome physics game where you get to fly a cute chopper around caverns and reach the levels' designated points. It's visual style is nice, with texts mocking the game itself spread across the levels (which act like a tutorial too). The music score is unusual for games like these, but very fitting and fun.

Give it a go, I'm sure you'll find it difficult to stop after you play a couple of levels :)


"A short, indie, adventure shooter" the title screen says. "Uh-oh!" was my first reaction tbh. No worries though, the game itself is alright - a platform shooter with cute pixel art and lots of action. It plays well too. The only other negative thing I can find with it is the keys placement - I got them confused lots of times while playing.

This is minor stuff though, the game's a joy to waste a few hours! Dig in!

Hoshi Saga (series)

Absolutely brilliant series of games! You get a set of screens in which you have to discover a hidden star on each by clicking the mouse or dragging here and there. Brilliant animations and lots of out-of-the box thinking makes these games unique! Personally I wish I could un-play them so I could feel the excitement of playing them as a new game :)

Hoshi sagaHoshi saga 2Hoshi saga 3Hoshi saga ringoHoshi saga ringoameHoshi saga ringoenHoshi saga ringohime, Minnano Hoshisaga 2, Minnano Hoshisaga 3, Hoshi saga 13, Hoshi saga reishiki.

I fell in love with the majesty of colors

You play a sea monster thinghy which in essence tries to make contact with the outside world. Your actions have severe consequences to the storyline, and there are lots of different minigames depending on how you choose to play it.

Artsy-fartsy? Emo? Sensitive? Dunno. I liked the pixel art and the narrative (as well as the game in itself) so here you go.

Karoshi series

Can't understand how these slipped my mind so far, oh well better late than never!

It's the platformer that I suppose most people into gaming wished they would have coded! The idea is very simple (and brilliant): you get your static screen platformer with all obstacles, switches, weird timings etc, but instead of guiding the character to the end point, instead you have to find a way to kill him :). Of course, after this novelty wears out you're left with a platformer with just slightly different goals. But the levels design more than make up for it, and on later levels you need to think out of the box to solve them.

The graphics and sound are pretty basic (deliberately I remember reading somewhere), but the game mechanics are pretty damn solid, and that's the game's major strength.

All in all - recommended!

Karoshi suicide salaryman, Super Karoshi, The creator's website (contains some offline versions).


"What's this?" you ask? Did RGCD do a flash version of their cool STE game (r0x)?

Nope, the name is all these 2 games share. There isn't a really easy way to describe this game. What it does basically is taking shapes (be them letters, geometric primitives, and generally just about any icon we use) and does a slit scan of them, i.e. it shows only one horizontal line per frame. Sounds difficult? It's not too much really. Up to level 50 everything's fair and square. After that it gets nasty!



Just another run-of-the-mill flip-screen-platform-jump-collect-all-diamonds game? Well...

  • The main sprite animation is cute!
  • Background and tiles are well pixelled as well
  • The world is very nicely laid out
  • The puzzles are also very nice (well a few gems are frustrating to get, but thankfully you can complete the game without having to collect them all)
  • Another neat feature: Keep collecting diamonds and the background tiles start to get trashed - a sort of the world deteriorating - and the music starts getting detuned.

All in all, a game with solid gameplay, nice presentation and almost no gimmicks - not much more to ask I think :)

Play it


How do you know that when you stop looking at something, it's still there? What if it's not lit? Is the universe conspiring against you? Do you trust your senses? Using these concepts, a very original and clever game has been created. Definitely gives the platform genre some fresh ideas!