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Classic platform slash'em'up but with a small detail (to fit with Ludum dare 28's rules): you can only move right. Jumping, hitting with the sword etc is all automatic. Makes up for quite a challenge :)


Cheesy Christmas music and a cute Snata that explodes reindeer instead of err I dunno what he does with them usually :D. Funniest Xmas game of the year!


See all those physics lessons about planet movement that you hated at high school come to life with this game where you only control the planet's initial direction and speed with a goal to stay for a set time within screen limits!

Master Spy

Stealthy platformer with nice art and that 90s feel with the cutscenes, looks and plays nice! Try a small chunk of the game here for free, the rest is commercial.

Naya's quest

I could ramble for hours and hours about the symbolism of this game, its inner beauty and generally the awesomeness of it. Instead I'm going to dump you the link to play it, and ask you to play it twice as the 2nd time around (new game+) there's a really worthwhile bonus :). Terry rocks again!

The last tango

Now this really put a smile on my face - a (sort of) rhythm/reaction game with the theme of 2 spies killing enemies while dancing - perhaps not the best control scheme, but once you get accustomed to it there's a lots of fun to be had :).

Robot Planet

Yes, a lot of sites felt the urge to report that this was written by Duke Nukem co-creator (and Crystal Caves I might add :)), George Broussard. Fanfares aside, this is actually a pretty neat concept, reminded me of Zaga-33 (which I sadly haven't mentioned on this site yet, but it's excellent)! So try it out!