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Steam Rogue

Again, visuals and audio didn't win me but the gameplay did! Platformer with only 2 buttons (jump, start/stop) makes for some interesting puzzles indeed.


Anyone remember a game called Interphase released around 1990 for Atari ST and Amiga? Where a key to the game was to check the blueprint and zoom in every corner to read clues? Well this game's all about exactly that, which is good in my book!

P.S. The link above has download options.

P.P.S. I really should review Interphase at some point :).

Rock Bottom

You play this platform game, you jump too low, you hurt your legs, then go back and you can jump higher, so you can hurt your legs more etc. Confused? Just try it!

Drop Swap

Puzzlescript has been around for only a few months now, but some really outstanding stuff has been written for it! I've been keeping track of a whole bunch of them, but this is the first one I'm posting here - puzzle fans should definitely check out the website for a ton of other good stuff! This one's toying with the match-3 mechanic in a very pleasing way!

Chamber door

A unique and bizarre universe was created for this game, which is effectively a platform game mixed with point'n'click. Very nice effort plus it won't take you more than 20 minutes to finish, so try it out!

The everloom

Now this is simply outstanding! While it's a simple adventure where you guide your hero collecting things and taking them to whoever asks for them, the quality of the code (beautiful particle fx bring the world to life), the very nicely drawn graphics (which also feature a very effective parallax effect) and audio make this one a must play in my book. So, play it!

The Faeries' curse

"Hark! A dragon approaches accross the scrub! Mayhap thou canst contain him with these iron rails that lie here about...". 3 easy puzzles are in this game, but with such presentation as the above, I can rarely hesitate to recommend it!