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The RoguePuzzleGame

Does exactly what it says in the title. Takes fixed levels, spread enemies around and makes the player think on how to kill the aforementioned enemies. Which makes it a cool twist in my books! Play!

A Glorious Escape for a Lich King

As a general rule I don't like real-time strategy games: they tend to make me anxious and make me do many mistakes, ending up having to restart a level many times. Or they bog me down with 5000 different options and troops and installations and all that stuff. This game's a sort of exception to that rule, it keeps it simple for lesser mortals like me and made me have a great time playing!

The Depths

It's all fun and games and then someone's head gets chopped off with an axe! Simple game, lots of animation and audio to keep you occupied, fun game all in all :).


One could draw parallels to this game with Peggle, as you only need to set position and direction and the ball will merrily follow its path down, but this game is much more entertaining :).