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It's like a game of dice but you get to choose what you want to roll and with what frequency. Fun! (note that ios and android versions are not free)

Candy worm

The old snake game revisited here, with interesting results! Additions include: more than one dot to collect at a time, enemies you can bump into and die instantly, dots growing on your tail which you can eat too (so no dying by touching your tail), smartbombs, and enemies also attaching to your tail. Oh, and really freaky post processing shaders that make you lose sight of what's happening. All in all, cool :).


An interesting platform game from Nitrome that uses the tried and tested formula of having a mirrored sprite vertically or horizontally that shadows your movements and lets you reach places you normally shouldn't (and of course touch deadly obstacles).


Another game made in Ludum Dare (48 hours) by deepnight that puts even some commercial efforts to shame :). Guide the small robot around the level, following orders. Or don't. You will be judged about your decisions in the end!

Deep web

It's a puzzle game but it's not predictable, so usually you can't play the same game twice. In any case you have to bomb the enemy depending on your intuition, which proves quite a challenge!

Dot car

There's only one button in this racing game, and it simply accelerates. Turning is handled automatically, BUT the more you accelerate, the harder it becomes to steer! Vroooooom!

Try harder

I just love it when games begin with messages along the lines of "You can't win. Just try harder." ;). If that didn't put you off, it's an autorunner game with some powerups that's quite polished. If that didn't put you off too, then you can click here to try it out!

Lands of Lorez

A simplified first person dungeon crawler with easy and uncluttered controls which makes it really fun. Reminded me of Nitrome's 48x48 games (for the un-initiated start with Gunbrick and move your way onwards), which of course gets a thumb up from me! Have fun!