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The pool

Escape room games come and go, but this one had a lasting effect on me. Maybe because of the plot, maybe because of the audio-visuals, maybe because of the puzzles... I don't know, I just liked this one, so there you go!



In this platform game you can freely roam around the levels, but the tiles that are the same colour as your sprite become transparent so you can walk right through them. Fun time waster!


Sticky candy puzzle saga

A nice twist on the classic sokoban games. Instead of just pushing the stones to their places, the stones attach to you (and other stones) if you touch them. Combine that with narrow corridors and you have yourself a clever brain twister :).



This is a quite bonkers platform game! No other way to describe it in one word! Your task is (as usual) to get to the end of the stage (the little flag a la Super Mario Bros), but if you try the orthodox way of playing you'll find that even the first level is impossible! What the game enables you to do is to change the functions of a block type. So, say you point at the wall and then at some pointy spikes. Then voila! you can step on them as if it's a wall! There are some quite interesting implications of this mechanism and the game makes good use of it. So have a go!


Nothing to hide

A absolutely charming stealth puzzler! Use whatever means to avoid getting spotted by cameras, and there are quite a few interesting gismos in there. This is a preview of the game - sadly the final game got cancelled although it was crowfunded successfully :(. At least what's there is good enough...



A quite short platformer, but what it lacks in length makes up with adding minigames and a quite interesting plot. Also nope, I haven't seen the "real ending" :) (the author says it's a little hidden)


The saga of the candy scroll

This is actually a much more clever game than you think at first sight! The goal is to match triads of the same colour, but instead of pushing the diamonds into place, you have to touch them from a certain side in order for them to get transfered on the grid at the left hand side and then they will be matched. Clever indeed :).



A turn based board game that has you attacking neighbouring enemies with a bit of strategy thrown in (quite a bit like Desktop adventures). Give it a go here, or get the downloadable version there.


Butlerian Jihad

Yay, about time someone made a Daleks clone! (I almost forgot I did one for the STE too)! It tries to have a story too but who cares, it's Daleks - good enough for me, and I hope for you :).


Delicious ships!

Mmmmmm, ships. Absolutely tasty! Well, at least to a sea monster they probably are a good treat! Just make sure you eat them and not walking away from then because then the sailors junk the ship - no snack then. Try your luck here.



Yup, this is the #1 time waster on Android for me, a real beauty of a turn-based game :). Very simple rules apply for when you can attack enemies and when they can attack you, and as the levels progress and more enemies come into play, the game becomes even more challenging. Upgrades to the character also add to the mix of uncertainty to keep things interesting. Extra levels and upgrades are available if you purchase the full version but the game's solid even in the free version, so.... recommended!

Lamp and vamp

A very fun turn-based hexagon game, you must guide the vampire to its coffin before the villagers kill you. Of course biting them a bit while they're not looking can't hurt! Or turning into a bat and teleporting, or turning invisible (although costs energy per turn). Get biting!