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Bad dream (series)

A nice series of disturbing point'n'click adventures featuring creepy hand drawn graphics and annoying sounds and drones, just the thing if you're in a bad mood! Visit this download link to get all of them and enjoy!


You have 8 bricks

A highly polished platformer, as well as tough. It seems like a small distance jumping to the top but the action is so frantic that it's overwhelming! All those things to avoid while jumping and so much eye candy it stresses the retina! Play it anyway :).



Short game that stars a cute Viking trying to cross a forest full of obstacles. You can use a variety of tools to cut through the obstacles but you need specific tools for specific obstacles, plus you only get 10 seconds to use a tool each time. Nice!



Yup, time for another escape game by Mateusz Skutnik and friends. It's a bit of an abstract game, little information is given on where you are or what you're trying to achieve, but it doesn't matter that much in the end, does it? A bit tricky at the start and for most of the puzzles you just have to be very careful and look everywhere for objects to pick up that can be used much further into the game. So some times backing even to the start of the game is necessary. Still, it's not that impossible so get clicking!


Sleepless pug

Once again it's a dog's life out there! Continuing the grand tradition games like Sleepwalker have set back in the 90s, you have to aid the poor doggy in order to steer his master clear of things that can wake him up. Push blocks, open trapdoors, stand in the way yourself - it's all good! Gets really tricky after the middle but have a go anyway!


Fluid perspectives

This is a game that deals with how one's perception can shape reality around him, and it can be quite different than the person standing next. Two characters, one is hurt by running water (he/she calls it "lava!") and the other can't swim in water. Both need to collaborate within their comfort zones so they can progress further into the game. Nope, there's not an end goal or a big plot here, but it's a Ludum dare game so let's not be picky! Play it



A clever stealth game. Nice visual theme, classy spy music, lots of variation and witty humour. The only negative thing I can think of is that when you get caught, yuo get sent one screen back so you have to redo things you've already finished. But since this isn't a very long game it can be forgiven - play it and see!


Stealth bound

Well the title of the game is a bit of a giveaway isn't it? Yes this is a stealth game. Yes it's got pretty graphics and very detailed animations. Yes it has lots of variation so you don't keep doing the same thing over and over. Yes it actually has a plot and it is fun to follow. So, not many things to fault here. Albeit nice, the graphics look a bit generic (especially the characters) but the whole package reeks of quality. Definitely something one should check out!


Hungry cat picross

Simply the best picross game I've ever played, hands down. Perfect execution. Well, it's not classic picross because you have colours instead of monochrome dots but that's not a problem. Instead it improves on the forumula. Get hooked! (Android, iOS)


Picross madness

Well, it's picross...... aaand that's about it really. If you're a fan you've already clicked, if you're not you've skipped reading this. One negative thing I can think of is the use of lives and that you have to restart a puzzle from start if you drag a wrong line. I suppose you can live with this!



To be honest I haven't played many roguelikes but I think that's quite an original theme for it - you being a goldfish that gets caught by fishermen and trade wishes (i.e. quests) for your freedom. For some reason this premise has made me want to play this game in comparison to the classic fantasy mighty-hero-in-a-tolkinesque-land-blah-blah-zzz theme. Although it all boils down to ascii art and exactly the same gameplay (save that you have to find oxygen bubbles to regain your breath frequently), it's, I dunno, fun! So get grindin' :).


Plexus puzzles (series)

Plexus has created some of the most pretty and tough jigsaws I've ever played. It literally takes ages to even connect the first two pieces together due to the number of rotation steps and the misleading figures. But once you get the hang of it, it's really worthwhile. Recommended!

They have made some commercial jigsaws for iOS but I'll list the free ones here:


Run red run

Very cute graphics as you can see from the screenshot in this autorunner. In order to spice things up you have the wolf chasing you and you have to dodge it at times (although in the upgrades menu a "fox" is mentioned!). The upgrades are funny too - they tend to do unexpected things or just display more silly animations! Have a few tries!


Action Henk

A well made Sonic clone, and given the shit ones we've been subjected to all these years that's saying something! This link has both demo and commercial versions, so at least give the demo a try!


Where is...? (series)

Over the last few years it has become a tradition that the last game of the year will be played is Where is (year+1) [1]. So you go in search of the new year, geddit? I usually try to finish it before the new year, sometimes I win, sometimes not. It's all good fun anyway!

[1] And then when the new year comes, to go watch tAAt's first demo of the year ;).


Slide or rotate some bits of the amazing photos shown to fit them into place. Not a real challenge but the themes chosen are beautiful. Click.


Cube escape (series)

This is a really excellent series of escape games. Great engine, very good audio/visuals, dark and surreal theme, challenging puzzles. While not apparent at first, all episodes seem to converge into a larger plot, which makes this even more cool than orignally thought. Very rarely I play something that captivates me that much (for example Pastel games' or Scriptwelder's series). Also incredible is how fast each new installment comes out - this guy (guys?) is prolific. Play them all!


Alien crab in the ghostmaze

This is a story of an alien crab getting trolled into thinking that it'll get a badass weapon, but instead it gets a windmill. Everyone point at it and laugh!

...but makes for an interesting mechanism as you can blow obstacles out of or into place. Blow them up!


Stachmou and the golden compass

Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is a statistical fluke:

  • It's an adventure game.
  • In 2014.
  • It's got very nice graphics and audio.
  • The dialogues are witty and well written.
  • The puzzles don't stink to high f--k.
  • It's using the well worn pirate theme and it STILL manages to be fun.

You'll be very hard pressed to find games that fulful all of the above these days. And (as far as I can tell) the game's been written by a single person (apart from the music). Dear sir, you have my utmost respect - this is a great game you did there! If possible, more please!