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In this racer you cannot decelerate, you cannot go right. In fact you can only honk and turn left. Add some clever level design and you've got fun guaranteed!



Despite its seemingly dated looks and simple gameplay, this shooter can get frantic and is hard to finish. Probably only for hardcore shoot'em'up fans!


train braining

In this puzzler you "simply" have to lay tracks in order to pick up all passenger and take them to the station. But the train has limited seats and you can only lay a track once. Happy braining!. This game was further developed into a commercial game called Cosmic express which is as infuriating as this, but well worth the money IMHO :).



Well, the title probably gave it away for people that are following independant games. This is Nidhogg but with extra cute graphics and pillows! Try to send your opponent to the opposite corner than yours by pillow fighting! Play!



The premise is really simple: attack and kill all enemies. However there's a small snag: each enemy you kill, you absorb its fighting skill. So you have to adapt your gameplay to other styles of combat and you need to plan ahead because some power might get you trapped and killed. Fun!.


Concrete jungle

You're in control of a vine, trying to climb its way to the top of the buildings. Nice use of two buttons to control it (clockward/anticlockward spin) and very pretty to look at! Play.



Not the most original game out there, just a simple platformer which you can turn on and off obstacles, but nicely presented, smooth and fun!