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Prepare to have you ass handed over by this seemingly cute game! It's bad enough that the eyes fire millions of bullets at you, this is worsened by the fact that the bullets start decelerating and sucked back to the eyes, which means you have to keep your eyes on them even if you've sucessfully dodged them! Sneaky!


Sickle & sword

Two people are lost in the desert. They must build civilisation from scratch, utilising nature's resources to eat and build shelter, expand, tame beasts and prepare for the forthcoming of a mythical creature. Will they survive the wilderness? Find out now!


Busy busy beaver

Help the happy beaver gather wood so he can extend his cabin. But be careful of the sequence in which you chop the wood, you might get yourself trapped or unable to return home or have pieces of wood not accessible. Plan ahead!


Rust bucket

Hey, anyone remember Turnament, that 48x48 game made by Nitrome? Well, they extended the core idea of the game and made it into a full fledged game with new shiny graphics, levels and enemies! It's been on my phone since release day! Play it online here or grab it for Android or iOS!



A puzzler that starts out easy but gets a bit out of hand soon enough! It is the old unlocking puzzle - try to remove all locks in correct sequence so they don't overlap and the level is over! The author also made a commercial version of this if you want more of it: Steam, Android, Windows phone and iOS.


Enyo (was: Hook & shield)

In this turn based roguelike game your character can do all sorts of cool stuff like push enemies into lava pits or into sharp corners, use a hook (hence the name of the game) to drag people to their doom, jump around the screen or throw the shield around. Reminds me of Hoplite a lot, which is a good thing :).

The game was originall called Hook & Shield and was entered at 7DRL compo back in 2016, in case you're wondering about the title.


Sub dragon

First of all, this game gets an automatic thumbs up because the author mentions the Atari ST in the game's description :). The game itself is inspired from games like St Dragon and dragon breed. The small twist here is that one side of the dragons tail fires and the other side blocks attacks. So you have to use both sides at the correct time to your advantage. Very nice!


Idle Sword

A weird mixture of a game, it blends roguelike RPG cralwer (but you can't control the main character), turn based (although everything moves automatically) and cookie clicker (you tap the enemies to drain their life points in cooperation with your heroes)! Bizzarely it works great! (Android version, iOS version)


No one was here

Ohnoes! Your partner was poisoned and only you can only heal him by collecting 5 potions. But there's a catch - every time you collect one (from as many caverns), time starts to reverse so you have to retrace your steps back to the beginning of the level in order for the time continuum to not break! Takes a little time to finish but it's fun :).



Oh my, what a beautiful thing this is! It's nothing new or original, just try to make the whole screen the same colour by using a fill brush and limited turns. But how beautiful it animates! And the music is very relaxing which goes well with the moving dots! Recommended!



Hey, everyone remember Windosill? (What? You don't? The naughty corner for you!) Its authors are back with a new brilliant flash ummm thing that teaches kids the alphabet. If only this was used at schools :). Hint: if you just want a sampler of the full product just click at the top of the page for a demo!



When I was a very young lad (can't have been more than 4 years old), I once had this enormous bundle of rope that was very tangled. Everyone said to leave it and we'd go get some new and left me on my room for a while (it was for flying a kite for what it's worth!). But I thought it was a waste and having nothing better to do I sat down and untangled every little knot there was, so lo and behold: after half an hour (possibly, I wasn't counting!) I presented everyone with the fully untangled rope! If you're as stubborn as me, here's a game that recreates that experience :).


G-Switch 2

More autorunning one-button madness! It's not very different from the original if you omit the curved walls and things but the core gameplay is good like the original so if you missed some extra levels then dive straight in!