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And then there were none

I'll admit I haven't read Agatha Christie's novel with the same title, but I'm willing to bet that the title is the only thing this game will have common with the book :).

It's a platformer in which you play a character that starts in a snowy terrain (or is that noise? Or both?). Immediately some voice on the radio starts instructing him what to do and where to go.

The game features within its one level some variation in gameplay; in the 2nd checkpoint you must retrieve a few items but you must remain close to a certain point in the map, otherwise you lose. Then you gain the ability to convert some of the terrain into walkable tiles for a short while. Soon it becomes a quite challenging game which is really worth playing. (SPOILER FOLLOWING READ THE REST OF THE PARAGRAPH AT YOUR OWN RISK!) I must mention that the game has a couple of red herrings that leave you searching the level for a long time and retrying the same thing lots of times, especially in checkpoint 4. This makes the game unnecessarily long, and since the progress isn't saved, you have to play it in one go, which makes the experience frustrating.

All in all though, quite enjoyable!


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