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From the creator of the cool Closure comes a really cool game concept (which incidentally ranked 1st in Ludum Dare #23)

This reminded me of Specter Spelunker shrinks and Inside a Star-filled Sky (at least what I can deduce from the preview video. I'm still torn about buying this one - I'll probably succumb in the end as I like Jason Rohrer's stuff!). In a nutshell the game is a shooter and can be explained using the screenshot below:

As you see, the more you stare into the centre, the smaller things become. Your character starts from the outer corners. As you move to the centre, the screen starts zooming, and as you move to the edges it zooms out. This works remarkably well and adds a lot to the game!

A really pleasant 15 minute blast, play it or grab the source from its  entry LD page.


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