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I delayed writing this review because I simply didn't know what to write. How can I even begin to describe a game which its typical game window is this?

So I'll be as vague as possible. Yes, it's a point'n'click adventure game. Yes, it's by Amanita Design, the people responsible for Machinarium, which is probably my favorite adventure game of the last decade barring none. No, I really can't compare these 2 games if you ask me which is better. No, I won't even try to write the scenario, go and immerse yourself in it if you're interested. No, I really can't convey in words how good I felt solving puzzles and how much part the audio and visuals played in that. Neither I can describe how this game brought out the child in me.

What I can say is that I restrained myself from playing it in one sitting because I'd be too overwhelmed by the experience, and because I simply didn't want it to end that quickly (not that the game is small, there's lots of content in there).

So then, my recommendation? Go buy it. And don't buy it from reduced price pay-what-you-want indie bundles if possible (imo it tends to bring the developers smaller revenue). You wanna play a demo of it first? No problem. Just play it!


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