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Hotel Escape

Ok, so, this is going to contain some spoilers, so you might want to play the game beforehand, otherwise read on if you don't care...

This game starts off innocently as a run'n'jump platformer, until you come across a totally impossible jump. Then you decide to quit in frustration. Then, instead of quitting, the game deliberately screws up its gfx and music and transfers you to the main game, which is the same, but with lots of deliberate glitches.

I am quite torn about this game. I guess I only mention it here because of this idea, but the game itself is mediocre, the player responds slowly to the controls and you can easily kill him. Also, it's nothing original; The Electra demo, Mel Gibson's Safari 3, ROM check fail and Redder already did this.

Oh, and when you get to about level 12 you get the original impossible level again, just fall in one of the pits and you should be fine (that really annoyed me, and consider it bad level design). There you go, enough spoilers? :P


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