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Jumping line

 The screenshot and game's name don't leave much to the imagination - it's easy to gather what the game's about! You're a perpetually jumping line with the sole aim of reaching the end. The player only controls the horizontal speed, the moment the line touches a solid block ti bounces back.

But stationary blocks aren't just the only hurdle you have to overcome. There are moving/rotating platforms, empty spots that send you back to the last checkpoint (really fun animation when you hit a checkpoint btw), inverse gravity areas (marked by the background colour changing slightly), moving boxes that have inertia (so you can interact with them), differently coloured platforms that only become active when you hit a switch of the same colour, blocks that go away only when you hit a certain amount of black switches, and spiky things that kill you instantly when you touch them. All the above elements make up for some varied level design which has a nice difficulty curve with only the last few checkpoints becoming really challenging.

Graphics are kept to a minimum, with the physics of the moving boxes being quite spot on. Musically the game consists of some piano phrases, sequenced together and changing the mood a bit depending which point of the game the player is (I think). As for gameplay, the line is really responsive to your movements and has a nice acceleration/deceleration curve. My only problem was on a few areas when I was losing frequently, the platforms weren't reset so I had to wait till they become synchronised again, which killed my buzz a bit.

Anyway, I clocked myself playing about 50 mins from start to end, so if you have an hour to spare, give it a go.


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