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Here's one game I'm reviewing the day it was released :). To be precise, it was released today on the demo party (actually it's demo/LAN party nowdays) Assembly 2012 from the group Bombsquad. Without further ado, let's have a look the game!

Pretty, right? The idea of the game is that you control a volcano's lava and you have to torch some villages to the ground! You can direct the flow of the lava using the arrow you see at the screenshot, but the most useful thing is that you can freeze a block of lava so the rest can travel on top of it. This gives you a sort of terraforming  ability which you can use to your advantage to finish the level. Of course the lava is limited, so you have to be quick and manage your resources carefully or you'll end up failing the level.


The lava physics is fun and runs very smooth here. Audio consists of some ambient background noise and the screams of people when a village is destroyed (really useful for keeping track what you have to do, even if it's not on screen). The game plays really nice and you always feel you're in control, so you don't have to blame the game if you fail a level - it's your fault! There's also a built-in editor so you can create your own levels and put the villagers in the hot seat!

I don't know if this is going to be developed further, but I have a feeling that a port of this to iOS/Android would be a hit. Anyway, you can judge for yourselves by grabbing the binary or visiting the page to see the comments. Have fun!


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